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Chox-Mak Ft. DJ YRS Jerzy - Fresh (Prod. By Profluent/Free Download)

'Chox-Mak & DJ YRS Jerzy' are proof that when you work hard great things will happen. They set the bar high for independent artists everywhere with every single they release. What they do is not easy especially with out a major label backing. The way they release music and market their brands you would think they had a major company behind them.

ill Clinton, Georgia Anne Muldrow & Moses West - A Brother Like Ezell (Charity Single)

'ill Clinton' presents 'A Brother Like Ezell' by 'Georgia Anne Muldrow' & 'Moses West' which is also produced by 'ill Clinton'. 'A Brother Like Ezell' is a soulful and heartfelt collaboration between the three.

Rediculus - Mad As Hell (Video Single)

To quote 'Thomas Henry Huxley', "It is better to be a man to go wrong in freedom than to go right in chains." Taking a monologue from 'Peter Finchs' character in the 1976 film 'Network,' "Mad As Hell" creates a chilling juxtaposition of the samples passionate and triumphant call to action and the atmospheric beat from the Chi Town producer.

Independent Coolness 16 - Tribute to Praverb - hosted by Cool FD (Radioshow Podcast)

Weekly worldwide live radioshow hosted by 'Cool FD', supporting nothing but real and independent Hip Hop music.

MAGIC ft. Assassin aka Agent Sasco - Rude (Dom Da Bomb Remix)

'Assassin' aka 'Agent Sasco' alongside producer 'Dom Da Bomb' has released a remix for the #1 Billboard topping song, 'Rude' by 'Magic'! The popular tune, now outfitted with the fine vocal distinction of 'Assassin', emphasizes the protective nature a father has for his little girl.

Josh Jacobs (J.KIDD) Feat. Naiya - New Day (Out with the Old, In with the New/Music Video)

Josh Jacobs (formerly known as J.KIDD) is an East New York Hip Hop artist wholeheartedly committed to his music since the young age of 9. Born in Brooklyn to puerto rican parents, 'Josh Jacobs' was exposed to the 90s strong Hip Hop culture.

Maxim (The Prodigy) ft. Cianna Blaze & DDark - Phase Me (Audio/Free Download)

'The Prodigy' left an indelible mark on electronic music in the late 90s. Their hits have been revered, their sound has spawned copycats, and none have matched. 'Maxim', an original member and the vocalist for The Prodigy, is releasing his 'Animal Anger' EP to showcase his own DJing and production skills this coming October via 'We Are Noize'.

Monosapiens - Labyrinth E​P (True Hold Records) + Material Things (Music Video)

'True Hold Records' Present 'Monosapiens - Labyrinth EP' out NOW on Itunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and all other major digital outlets. 'Monosapiens' have teamed up with rapper 'Conscious Route' and singers 'Jenny Dryden' and 'Alana Carew' to bring this six track alternative EP.

The IV Edition: According To GodzG (Remix Album)

'GodzG' is back with continuing his 'According To GodzG' remix series with his take on 'Brailles of Humble Beast' fourth album 'The IV Edition' With his unique style and gritty, rawness 'GodzGs' take give this album a whole new feel.

Kieran Alleyne - Runnin Low (Audio)

Despite being just 19 years old, 'Kieran Alleyne' is already an accomplished entertainer who is making a name for himself as the UKs answer to 'Chris Brown'. Thanks to an impressive repertoire of slick dance moves, sweet vocals and impressive guitar skills, he is on course to be one of the hottest R&B acts to emerge from this country in recent times.

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